Monday, July 19, 2010

Bo Screams for Ice Cream!!

Bo righfully earned an ice cream cone after eating all of his vegetables and most of his pasta. And he was sooo excited saying "mommy, I love ice cream!" Before I could get the camera, Walker had already inhaled his so I didnt get a picture of him. Bo definately inherited his mommy's sweet tooth...loves anything sweet and Im so glad he loved this ice cream because we can put a little more meat on his bones! You can't tell in this picture but the ice cream was EVERYWHERE!! All of his booster seat, the chair, him and the floor but he enjoyed every lick of it! He was also very excited because he has now retired from the high chair, moving on to the booster. Kind of sad, but exciting that he gets to pass it on to his new baby sister or brother. The boys are now out walking in the 100 degree much for putting some meat on his bones after all...Im sure hes sweating it off now!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

And he sleeps.......

So every night before I get in bed, I always check on my boys to make sure they are sleeping soundly. The other night this is what I found when I went to check on Bo. If you notice, his face is completely plastered to the end of the crib, his foot is lodged between the slats and the blanket is completely off of him. Oh, and he is at the opposite end from where he started. Precious guy. I had Ryan come in and move him and we woke him prying his foot from the slats but he just gave us his sleepy smile and went back to sleep. This is probably the last picture we will have of him in his crib before Baby takes over and he gets to sleep in a big boy bed like his big brother!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Holt's 1st Birthday

Walker and Currie taking a break from chasing each other
Bo is ready for his nap!!
Hey! Who is this good looking guy?

"Will someone please put me down for a nap!!"

Mama and her birthday boy!

Im 1 year old today!! oh and did I mention Im A D O R A B L E!!

Slippin and sliddin!!

First dip of many in the lake. We (ryan) could not keep them out!!

YAY! My 1st Birthday cake...and I was up ALL night long!!

We can't believe that our sweet little nephew is 1 year old. It seems like just yesterday the whole family was anxiously awaiting his arrival and waiting on Chris to come out and announce whether they had a baby boy or baby girl! So excited that Little Holt is here and what a joy he is! His cousins Walker and Bo adore him as much as we do!!

His birthday party was so fun being able to go to the lake and hang out on the beach and the boat. The boys didn't sleep much, until we were on our way home. I think that is the ONLY time they have ever slept in the car. It was a blast! We love you Holt!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

What a week!!

I cant honestly say this has been one of the hardest weeks on Me (our family)! My blog is getting a little depressing huh? I'll try not to make it too sappy. Well Bo started running fever Monday night, he woke up crying and it was 100. Initially I thought he was getting his bronchitis that he always gets, because it always starts with fever. But then on Tuesday it went away and he was acting fine, up until about lunch time, when the fever returned. We continued giving him Tylenol and Wednesday the fever was still there and he was really feeling bad. Wouldn't eat a thing and just wanted to be held all day. He even watched an hour movie ,while laying on the couch, he has never just layed there on the couch before. About 8:00 we got a call from my sister in law warning us that a little girl we were with over the weekend was diagnosed with Fifths disease. This is a disease that covers you in a rash (starting with the face) and goes all the way down your body. It is accompanied by fever and flu like symptoms. It is not good for a pregnant woman to be exposed to this disease. So of course, Ryan and I were worried that Bo had it and I was going to get it. Bo woke up several times during the night, fussing and crying...still running fever. When he got up this morning, he had a rash! Oh no!! But it was on his arm so I was a tad bit skeptical but still very worried. My OB wanted me to come in and have a blood test and Ryan took Bo to Dr.Friedman. Bo had blood work done too and PRAISE THE LORD he tested negative for Fifths Disease...WHAT A RELIEF!! He just has a really bad virus, that has to run its course. So, Im guessing my test will come back negative as well. 50% of adults have had this disease as a child and once you get it, you can't get it again, kinda like chicken pox. Hopefully he will be a little bit better each day.
My next post I will add some pictures of the boys at their cousins 1st birthday party at the lake. It was a blast and all Pre Sickness!
On a happy note, Im almost through my 1st Trimester...another blessing and praise!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Weekend

We had such a hard week, but thankfully we are over the worst of it..I PRAY! First, our AC went out and Thank the Lord that the sweet Merrills let us camp out at their house for 4 days!! Don't worry, I was sure to get a manager on the phone and I told him exactly and I mean EXACTLY how I felt about his company not coming out sooner to fix our AC. Then what happened, Oh yes, Ryan was in a wreck on Friday. Again, the Lord was watching out for us, and he was Ok...Truck, not so much. But as my mom said "Cars can be fixed, people cannot." We thought our week couldn't get any worse, until Friday evening Walker started throwing up. He did not stop until Sunday morning. Poor baby, it was so sad. Thankfully, no one else in the family has gotten it yet. So we were able to go to the pool on memorial day with Rachel and Holt and Bob and Vickie and everyone had a good time...and the burgers were delisious!!

When I was little I didn't appreciate Memorial Day, but now that Im older and I understand, I am so grateful for all the men and women who sacrifice their lives so we can sleep at night. God Bless you all for your service!

It was so sad when Walker was still sick on Saturday morning he came in and said "Mom, I have asked God to fix me, but Im still throwing up." The Lord gave me the words to say to him and luckily he was satisfied. When he finally started feeling better he told me with a huge smile, "Mom, he made me better!! God fixed me!!"
And on a very happy note. We are expecting Baby #3!!!!!!!!!!!! Praise the Lord!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Pirates

Getting a "Good Luck" Hug from Bo
Cannot believe my baby is old enough to play TBALL!!!
Getting some good advice from Dad

MAP....Most Adorable Player

In their first game, Walker played first baseman and he was the only one to get an "out" that game. YAY Walker...I don't really think he knew what he was doing, but we are still proud of our little baseball player. Walker had his first T Ball game ever 2 weeks ago and loved every minute of it. For those of you who remember, soccer was not his sport, he hated it, wait, no, he LOATHED it. That broke my heart because I loved playing in middle and high school but oh well, Im just glad he had fun with the T Ball. Last weekend, he didn't have too much fun because the game was at 1o:00 and he had been up that morning since 6 am!! So needless to say he was a little tired when game time came around. He wants to wear his uniform every single day and he keeps his baseball glove on pretty much all the time, except for showering and bedtime. I love it and I love that he is now getting interested in sports. I think with him playing soccer at 3 was just way too young. Bo thinks he is on the team as well because he sits on the bench (with the other teammates) and he huddles up with the team when the coach is talking too them. Its really cute!
Sorry I have not blogged in awhile but the boys were sick, then I was on my death bed with the stomach virus, and then the boys were sick AGAIN. With school ending, Im hoping we can have a healthy summer!!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Terriffic Tuesday

Walkers first picture ever to take!! Pretty good huh??
So for some odd reason, I could not upload any of my Easter pictures!! And they were so cute too! Oh well. We had such a fun Tuesday. While Bo was in school, Walker and I took a very long walk. We walked to the lake and had so much fun feeding the ducks and attack geese. Then we saw about 50 turtles "sunbathing." We sat there for about 20 minutes while he asked me all sorts of questions about turtles...Good thing I did a science project about them in middle school. Then we came home and had lunch in the backyard. Bo had a great day at school. He told me that he painted with his feet today and when I asked him what color he said "PINK." Sure enough when I took his socks off the bottoms of his feet were pink!!! I was so proud of him for knowing that he actually did paint with his feet and more importantly knew the color!! After a long nap, the boys wanted to run around in the backyard with their shirts off. My little boys are turning into little men.! They were so cute so of course I had to get my camera out. Also, Walker took his first picture with my camera and did a great job. I'll post it in a little bit. Happy Tuesday!

I caught Bo just in the nick of time...he was about to strip off the diaper too!!

See how cute I am looking like a little man!!

Of course, you can't play without your "worker" gloves on

My 2 little men

Does this thing work or what??!!